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Children with

Learning Differences

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Latin ancient language and classical education


To be a world leader in making classical Christian education accessible to students with diverse learning differences.


Paracletus, assigned with a specific commitment to the field of education ​, is positioned as a place of excellence that meets learners at their level and not ​below for students with complex communication needs and varying ​learning delays or disorders. We are driven by the intuitiveness to ​persevere, equipped with wisdom to redefine and prevail against any ​obstacle, challenge, or moment life presents along one's educational ​journey.

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  • For students with language-based challenges (i.e. dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing, ADHD and the like)

  • Accepts ages 5-12

  • 5 days of instruction- school meet 2.5 days and 3 homeschool days

  • Award winning classical Christian education

  • Beautiful location- Sanctity of a Historic Church at St. Thomas of Canterbury

  • Readiness assessment used to support proper placement based on ability and/or cognition.

  • Orton-Gillingham instruction

  • Low staff: student ratio

  • Speech & language therapist, academic language therapist, staff professional

Simply Classical Education

Distinctively Purposeful by the following:

For Children With

Learning Differences

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AAC Doctor
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Erika Aziegbe,CCC-SLP, CALP

Head of School & Founder

Erika Aziegbe, EdD, CCC-SLP, CALP, is a dedicated speech-language pathologist, passionate advocate, and devoted mother to her homeschooled family. Dr. Aziegbe is a strong supporter of high-quality education for children with learning differences, believing that all students deserve the opportunity to achieve and succeed. She has earned degrees from top-notch institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, University of Houston- Clear Lake, and Emerson College. She has presented her research internationally and at prominent venues such as Harvard and Stanford. Committed to her cause, Dr. Aziegbe founded The Paracletus School, a highly regarded academy that provides exceptional education to children with learning differences.

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Mrs. Susan DeWolfe


Level 1 and 3

The Paracletus School appreciates Mrs. DeWolfe, a retired and certified Texas educator, who has a great passion for teaching English. Throughout her teaching career, she taught high school English to students with different abilities. She is a committed life-long learner who enjoys a good novel. Her community holds her in high regard, and every day she teaches with genuine enthusiasm and dedication.

Bible on Black

"The humanity of the child with special needs—the humanity of any child—must determine the education he receives."

~Cheryl Swope

A peril in finding a place to learn and grow is not always the smoothest route. Here, at The Paracletus School, we hold dear that all blessed children deserve the opportunity to have the best even when our best is not always present.

Core Principles

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  • Orderly, Multi-sensory classrooms
  • Quality materials
  • Reduced teacher:student ratio
  • High expectations for ALL

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Classical ​EDUCATION ​

  • Biblically based
  • Truth, goodness and beauty to all students
  • Literacy-first education
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  • Christian, home-​school program ​designed for ​children with ​special needs and ​learning differences
  • Partnership ​between home-​school​.
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The Paracletus School is a Christian School place.

The faith statement of The Paraclerus School is the Apostles’ Creed, the most ancient and widely accepted expression of the essential beliefs of the Christian faith. The Paraceltus School teaches and upholds traditional Christian morality and the Holy Scriptures as the divinely inspired word of God.

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Points to consider...

  • The Paracletus School seeks to identify students who will benefit from a Classical Christian-based education that provides individualized, systematic, and multi-modal instruction.
  • New students are accepted based on psycho-educational, and speech and language assessments, ability level, previous school records (two years or less), family interviews, and availability for course level. These components determine whether Paracletus school and the family are compatible to meet the student's academic and therapeutic needs to foster a positive school experience.
  • The Paracletus School has a rolling admissions process-students are accepted as placements become available.
  • Please, note enrolling after the start of a class term requires support from the family to fill in for the child’s area of need. Collaboratively we will establish a plan to assist in making the transition accessible.

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Children have difficulties in one or more of the areas of oral language, reading, writing, and executive functions or organizational skills. Most often students are suspected and/or determined with a learning disability or a following disorder:

    • ADHD (Inattentive, Hyperactive, or Combined Type)
    • Anxiety and Mood Disorders
    • Autism spectrum disorder (high-functioning)
    • Communication or Oral Language Disorders: Apraxia of Speech, severe phonological processes, articulation, fluency, voice, language, auditory processing and reading difficulties
    • Complex Communicators: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
    • Developmental coordination disorder (Dysgraphia)
    • Dyslexia: reading disorder -dysgraphia :(Written Language Disorder)
    • Executive Function Disorder
    • Fine Motor Impairment (Handwriting)
    • Hearing disorders
    • Intellectual learning differences
    • Nonverbal Learning Disability
    • Social Communication Disorder
    • Stuttering
    • Visual Processing Disorder
    • Preschoolers At-Risk for Learning Delay/Disorder
      • Late talkers
      • Family history of speech-language disorder
      • Hearing loss, Persistent ear infections
      • Low birthweight

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We are suitable for children with average to above-average cognitive abilities who have or are at risk of learning difficulties. We serve children, Kinder-4th grade- with oral language, reading, writing, and executive function that of organizational skills delay/disorder.

Also, Junior Kindergarten 3 and 4 are for children at risk of a learning difference.

Admissions Process

St​ep 1

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Rolling Admissions

St​ep 2

  • Submit Application Fee

  • Submit/Complete psychoeducational testing and comprehensive speech and language evaluation

St​ep 3

  • Complete Family Interview

  • Decision Letters, Mailed

  • Return Contract with Enrollment Fee

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Class schedules:

The Paracletus School's schedule prioritizes family life. School is not held on Mondays to allow for extended family trips, reading, homework, and extra-curricular opportunities. Families also use Mondays or Fridays to schedule doctor’s visits and other routine appointments without missing class time.

Extended school year: To meet the needs of students and families of children with learning differences. We are proactive by having a school year from August-June.

Daily schedule:

Tuesday 8:30-3:30

Wednesday 8:30-11:30*

Thursday 8:30-3:30

Instruction is planned for 5-days as we meet on campus Tuesday-Thursday.

Tailored reading intervention is built into the students' day as they are assigned to an Orton-Gillingham Based Reading Course. If student is enrolled in the after school program no need to duplicate enrollment.

*After school enrichment available 11:30-3:30 for an additional fee.

Tuition & Fees





Readiness-Level 8

Ages 4-14






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-Is The Paracletus School a place where my child can catch up?

First, it depends on the level of accomplishment and the families' targeted outcomes and plan. We are set up with natural transition points in our curriculum that allows students to transition to other programs at that level or, more likely, above.

Third, Sixth, and Eighth grades are points along the learning journey that allow for a smoother curriculum change. More often, we find that children who attend The Paracletus School have the exposure and experience that extends beyond the TEK’s and equips them to be critical thinkers, reflectors, and doers regardless of their abilities.

-Why does The Paracletus School offer extended instruction?

We are sensitive to the learning ebbs and flows that our children with learning different experiences. Therefore, we are set up to provide an extended school year program that allows us to be proactive toward potential regression or acceleration in instruction. An added benefit for our children with learning differences, this allows for the routine to be extended, reducing the feelings of anxiousness that may arise during out-of-school time.

-Classical is for students who are well-equipped and quickly grasp complex concepts.

Mindfully, Simply Classical is designed to spiral and allow multiple opportunities for mastery of the content. Although instruction is traditional, lessons are coupled with multi-sensory methods suitable for all children, even when learning differences exist.

-Latin is not for everyone, so why do we teach Latin to students of varying abilities?

Latin is making a come-back in excellent schools with good reason. We teach Latin to students with learning challenges to strengthen minds, discipline working memory, and improve the student's word awareness, oral language, and written expression.

-There is room to say that Latin is not needed or question what is the benefit.

Latin is multi-faceted in many ways, such as being the root of our words or sayings. Naturally, as children learn and apply more academic vocabulary, the basis of Latin gives them access to not only a word at a time but a series of words. In that series, children are acquiring vocabulary and making connections to other words by giving access to and expanding one's vocabulary.

-What is a collaborative model?

We believe families are the decision-makers of their child’s education. We unite with you as a team at The Paracletus School by providing a fusion of home-school and traditional schooling. This model shares the responsibility between home and school. Doing so allows parents to be supported and aware of the content being taught and the pace. They can also help their child (ren) to get the most out of their learning experience.

    • The curriculum is selected and coupled with on-campus experience where the teacher provides the classroom instruction with take-home assignments.

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Now Hiring

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"Teach with Your Heart "

  • 3- day a week work schedule
  • Small class sizes
  • Supportive leadership and guidance
  • Collaborative team and support
  • Partnership with families

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Hours of ​Operation

Tuesday 8:30-3:30

Wednesday 8:30-12:00

Thursday 8:30-3:30

14007 South Freeway

Houston, TX 77047

at St. Thomas of Canterbury

Located South Sam Houston Parkway and 288

‪(281) 393-8833‬


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